Monthly Motorboats

The inaugural Monthly Motorboats outing set off in sunny blustery conditions, but a relatively benign sea.  The crew of Jackie Littlejohn, Robert Evans, Christopher Bean,  Paul Farren and Iain Oag aboard Artemis sailed from the Club at around 10.30am last Thursday 14th.

The route was past the east of the breakwater, across to Cawsands, down through the Bridge and upto Saltash to reconnoitre – successfully – future landing possibilities for lunch.

At Cawsands we encountered HMS Dasher – P280.  She is one of 14 Royal Navy university training vessels, this one for Bristol University Royal Naval Unit.  They provide the opportunity for RN sponsored students to spend time at sea, both on sea weekends and longer deployments during university breaks.  There was considerable military activity throughout the day with the MoD Police boats much in evidence presumably because one of the three submarines in Devonport was nuclear.

We took a moored break for coffee and biscuits on the Saltash YC trots, putting the world to rights on Brexit, Donald Trump etc!  Resuming our passage back to QAB,  we made further observation of military manoeuvres, this time two Marine hovercrafts returning at some speed up the Tamar.

Our final exercise was to give Jackie and Christopher their first helming experience of a motorboat.  I think it was evident that they had some pleasure in doing some tight turns at 30 + knots!

Lunch, this time, was taken late at the Club and so ended the first convivial meet at around 3.15.

It will be a regular monthly event to which any member of the Club is welcome to join  – no need for sailors to be afraid of the dark side of motoring! Click here for more details.

Iain Oag

Paul Farrent took a few photos of the day which can be viewed through this link: