Right to Fly Blue Ensign

The first Admiralty Warrant authorising the use of the Blue Ensign was issued in 1842 and the current warrant in 1894. Copies of these warrants are contained in the RWYC handbook.

Club members are able to submit an application to fly the Blue Ensign to the Club office along with a small administration fee. Once permission has been granted, a permit will be issued which entitles you to wear the Blue Ensign, and in doing so, we would ask you to pay particular attention to the Club booklet, Flags and Signals Bye-Laws, especially to Flag and Signals Bye Law 2.3:

“The Club Burgee shall always be flown when the yacht wears the Blue Ensign and the Committee of the Club desires that the burgee must be flown from the main masthead and not in any inferior position. If due to the arrangement of masthead fittings this is not possible then the burgee should be flown from the starboard cross trees and superior to any other burgee or pennant. In motor yachts without a mast the burgee should be flown from a staff in the bows of the yacht.”

For more information on applying to fly the Blue Ensign, please contact the office.