2017 Racing Events


We have an exciting number of events planned at RWYC for 2017 – its sure to be a year!

2017 Sailing Events

Brass Balls Dinghy Series (Saturdays) – 7th January to 25th March

1884 Part 1 & 2 – 12th April to 23rd August

Triangle Race – 29th April to 1st May

Saturday Summer Series – 22nd April – 2nd September (Yachts & Dinghies)

Wolf Rock Race (Fastnet Qualifier) – 27th to 28th May

Sir Francis Chichester arrival day – 28th May

OSTAR / TWOSTAR – 29th May

SW 3 Peaks Race (finish and final party) – 9th to 11th June

Plymouth Dinghy Regatta – 10th to 11th June

Plymouth Yacht Regatta – 14th to 16th July

SW Commodores Cup – 22nd to 23rd July

Fastnet Finish – 9th to 13th August

49er / FX Regatta – 18th to 20th August

Bishop Fleming Regatta – 9th September

DPoW day – 10th September

Autumn Series – 10th September to 29th October

K1 national championships – 22nd to 24th September

Win or Swim Dinghy series (Saturdays) – 7th October to 16th December

Icicle Series – 5th November to 17th December