Boats & Crew

We’re often approached by skippers looking for willing crew to either cruise or race with and also by both inexperience and experienced crew looking for boats to sail on. If you fall into either of these categories, please let the Club office know and we can add you to the relevant list below:

Boats Looking for Crew
Name of Boat Owner Crew Needed Description Contact
XSTATIC Pete Duffy Mainsheet & Foredeck 07810798558
 JAMALA (J105)  Jon Harris Helm , mainsheet , mast and foredeck  NOVEMBER 2017


Crew Looking for Boats
Name Looking For Availability Additional Info’ Contact
1 e.g. Cruising experience e.g. Weekends e.g. Have some experience 5
Bill Jove Boat for the Triangle Race Triangle Race
 Matthew Chown