The RWYC Transatlantic Event 2017

In 2017 the Royal Western Yacht Club of England will run both its major transatlantic races, the Original Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR) and the Twohanded Trans-Atlantic Race (TWOSTAR), at the same time.

For more information and to follow the races click on 2017 Transatlantic Event

Traditionally these races are run every four years, one year apart. Now improved facilities at the finish – Newport, Rhode Island –Vento T12 finish  enable a much larger fleet to be accommodated and so the decision was made to run the races concurrently. The twohanded crews will now be able to compare their performance directly against the singlehanders. Thus will set an interesting dilemma for those seeking to emulate Italian Andrea Mura who won both the TWOSTAR in 2012 and the OSTAR in 2013!

The races remain as popular as ever despite the many copies that have come and gone over the years.


TWOSTAR – The Twohanded Transatlantic Race

The Two-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race was created in response to the overwhelming success of the Single-handed OSTAR. The Club had come under pressure in the 1970s from “the authorities” to reduce the boat size and the number of boats in the OSTAR fleet. However it was soon clear that the 1980 OSTAR would massively oversubscribed and that competitors were unhappy about the new boat length restrictions. So in 1978 the decision was made to accommodate the overflow by running a second race in 1981, but for boats sailed by a crew of two which permitted more generous boat lengths.

The race, which naturally soon became known as the TWOSTAR, was first sailed in 1981 with 103 starters including boats up to 75ft in length.

The second TWOSTAR was sailed in 1986 and races then continued every 4 years.

After the 1994 race it was clear that the professional oceanic racing calendar was becoming too crowded and too commercial for the TWOSTAR to continue and the 1998 race was cancelled.

Following the success of the “Corinthian” OSTAR races in 2005 and 2009 a TWOSTAR was raced in 2012. This saw Italians Andrea Mura and Riccardo Apolloni setting a new record of 13d 12h 47m in their Open50 Vento di Sardegna.

The sixth TWOSTAR will now be sailed in conjunction with the fifteenth OSTAR in the  2017 Transatlantic Event

For the history of the race go to TWOSTAR History