Drake Trophy

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You don’t have to have crossed oceans or survived great storms, although we would like to hear about these adventures. You don’t even have to have left home waters. All that is required is an interesting and readable account of what you have been doing. Less experienced sailors are particularly encouraged to enter. Last years winning entry is available for members to read in the office at the Club.


This prestigious trophy is awarded annually to any member of the Club who, in the opinion of the judges, submits the best Cruising Log. The aim of the competition is to promote and encourage, for future enjoyment, the written record of a memorable cruise. This cruise does not have to have been in the entrant’s boat but could have been on a charter boat, flotilla holiday or friends boat.

The log must be for a cruise partially or entirely in the year of the competition.

The judges will take the following factors into account:

  • Above all the narrative must be well written, well presented and interesting.
  • The level of achievement will be judged in the light of the object of the cruise and the experience of the crew. Entries are particularly encouraged from less experienced sailors.
  • The log must be securely contained in a book or secured sheaf with drawings and photographs securely affixed.
  • The log should not exceed 5000 words.
  • A summary of the log should be included with the submission. This should not exceed 300 words.

It is intended that the winner’s summary will be published in the Club magazine, The Dolphin News, and that it will encourage members to read the full account.

Entries must be submitted by 31st December so that a presentation of the Drake trophy can be made at a cruising dinner to be held in the Spring.

The scope of the Drake Trophy has been widened so that it can be awarded not only for the best log submitted but also for any outstanding cruising achievement by any RWYC member during the preceding year.  Logs should be submitted  in the usual way before December 31st. We would be grateful for nominations regarding cruising achievements that can be passed on to the Cruising Committee.