The Magenta Project

Announcing the RWYC partnership with The Magenta Project

The RWYC is very pleased to announce our partnership with The Magenta Project.

Chris Arscott went on, “The RWYC are also very pleased to be partnering with The Magenta Project. We believe in equality; The Magenta Project is at the very core of where we should all aspire to. We would like to see more women in key roles, not just taking part. This is a long-term project to improve mix and equality throughout sports and we encourage this whole heartedly, which is why we are donating 10% of the entry fees from all participants to The Magenta Project. We have a 60:40 split in the current management team and from today are offering the opportunity for aspiring women race officer’s / protest committee members to get in touch with us to shadow the teams.”

Libby Greenhalgh, co-founder and director of The Magenta Project said, “We are pleased to partner with the Royal Western Yacht Club and are looking to use this opportunity to help encourage other clubs to look at how they can be ‘role models’ in our sport and develop pathways for women within the race organisation roles, from race and protest officials to race management. The RWYC has an opportunity to create a positive voice around gender equality from internal teams, to encouraging race teams to diversify and creating a balance in the media coverage that hopefully further inspires and encourages women to progress in our sport.