Falmouth/Fowey Triangle Race

30th April – 2nd May 2022

Triangle Race Overview

The 2022 edition of the ever-popular Falmouth Fowey Triangle which is scheduled for the Early May Bank Holiday weekend.

  • Racing from Plymouth to Falmouth on Saturday 30th April 2022, with social at RCYC
  • Falmouth to Fowey on Sunday 1st May 2022, with social at RFYC
  • Fowey to Plymouth on Monday 2nd May 2022.




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Royal Western Yacht Club
Boats in class Triangle – IRC
Sail No Name Type Owner Handicap
GBR 1246L Amigos Archambault A35 Jonathan Myers 1.012
3202 Sunfire Sunfast 3200 R2 Steve Andrew 1.001
GBR 3997L Luna FIRST 35 (1979) Pete Duffy 1.007
ITA15415 Men Behaving Badly A35 Peter Wanstall 1.020
GBR 6702R I Say Ding Dong Beneteau First 34.7 Robert Fletcher 0.991
GBR 7350R Blackjack FIRST 35 (1979) Adam james 1.008
GBR 8760R Little Wing J Sunfast 3200 Tom Dunstan 0.993
GBR 9941T Ju Kyu J109 Peter Rowe 1.000
38384 Manu A35 Dan Flanaghan 1.012
GBR 7938R Al Fresco Prima 38 Alan Meredith 1.073
BBR 6965 T Muskox X362S Neville Devonport 0.999
Royal Western Yacht Club
Boats in class Triangle – NHC
Sail No Name Type Owner Handicap
0 Sweet Mystery TBC Andy Buck 0.915
H415 Raggy Doll Hanse 415 John Hodgson 0.950
561 Moonshine BAVARIA 38 Paul Gilmour 0.920
GBR 3501L Nova GT 35 Sean Koehler 0.957
GBR 6619R Oceanaire Grand Soleil 46.3 MIke Thompson 1.030
GBR 7969T Watermark Beneteau First 33.7 Robert Pitts 0.954
GBR 8982R Aegir ELAN 340 Claire Gribbin 0.973
GBR 3645L Miranda Hanse 385 Peter Reid 0.940
GBR 710 Hooligan GT35 CJ Smith 0,922
GBR 3603 Bertie of Tamar Peter Bates 0.949
10 boats
Royal Western Yacht Club
Boats in class Triangle – MOCRA
Sail No Name Type Owner Handicap
GBR 7 Diam 24 Diam 24 Luke Butler 1.5040
17M Wombat Grainger 075 Mk2 Tri Matt Baker 1.2410
GBR 69M Belladonna Dazcat10-SC Dominic Gooding 1.1410
 133 Misty Farrier 9A Tri Chris Dodds 1.2700
GBR 651M Triassic F27 Trimaran Nigel Stevens 1.1470
GBR 701M Adonnante Le Rouge Soubise, 40ft Cat Peter Lilywhite 1.1170
732 Raygun Diam 24 Peter Middleton 1.5040
GBR 741M Suenos Dazcat 1195 Rupert KIdd 1.1690
GBR 745M Trillium CorsairF28 Trimaran Will Rogers 1.2050
GBR 760M Molly5 Maldives32 Cat Stephen Homewood 1.0080
GBR786M Easy Tiger Dazcat995R Neil Boughton 1.1970
GBR 788M Hissy Fit Dazcat 1495 Simon Baker 1.2870
GBR 815M Slinki Malinki Dazcat1295 James Holder 1.2370
GBR 834M Nemo Newick TRi 38 Matt Theobald 1.1360
GBR 842M D1 Dazcat 8 Darren Newton 1.4600
2199 Morpheus Shuttleworth 39 Tri Andrew Fennell 1.0000
GBR 676M Twister Farrier 9A Tri William Lee 1.3310
GBR 725M Bare Necessities Dazcat 40 cat Bruce Sutherland 1.2100
18 boats


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