Win or Swim Dinghy Series

Part 1: 2nd October – 18th December 2021
Part 2: 8th January – 26th February 2022

Win Or Swim Dingy Series Overview

the Win or Swim Cup is open to dinghies and multihull dinghies with a current RYA PY handicap.

Dates of Racing
Part 1: every Saturday from the 1st October until the 18th December 2021
Part 2: every Saturday from the 8th January until the 26th February 2022

There will be up to 4 races per day.

The courses to be sailed will be as follows: racing will be around fixed and laid marks laid in the Cattewater and Plymouth Sound detailed in the sailing instructions.

Where appropriate, the race committee may ‘average lap’ slower boats.

Mini-series places will be calculated from the results of the races that day, no scores shall be

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