OSTAR 1972

The multihull age

After 1968 a 500-mile qualification passage became obligatory. 55 boats qualified for the fourth edition of the race.

Eric Tabarly’s Pen Duick IV had retired from the 1968 race,Cheap Jerseys free shipping but in the intervening years prior to the 1972 OSTAR she had been tested and developed and then sold to former crewman Alain Colas, another icon of early French single-handed sailing.

In contrast to the 1968 race the North Atlantic threw up only one brief gale and it was perhaps due to the light conditions and skill of her skipper that Colas was able to steer his 67ft trimaran across the line first in the remarkable time of 20 days and 13 hours – five days faster than Geoffrey Williams’ four years earlier. In the process, Colas beat the giant monohull Jean-Yves Terlain’s 128ft Vendredi Treize by 16 hours. With Colas’ victory and other multihulls taking third, fifth and sixth places, the future of ocean-going racing catamarans and trimarans was sealed. With the exception of the 1976 race, all the subsequent single-handed transatlantic races have been won by multihulls and today they are the undisputed champions of the ocean.

Developed by the pioneering Tabarly, Pen Duick IV was a boat well ahead of her time, despite her aluminium construction and beams that appeared to have been made from scaffolding. Tabarly had been inspired to commission her after sailing on board Derek Kelsall’s trimaran Toria, winner of the first two-handed Round Britain and Ireland race in 1966. With no keel for ballast, a racing multihull’s lightweight requires less power to drive it and is therefore easier for the single-hander to manage. Rigged as a ketch, Pen Duick IV was originally fitted with rotating masts to improve the flow of air over her mainsails – a prelude to the rotating wing masts that would become standard on future trimarans.

As for Colas this same boat would take him around the world single-handed and into the history books the following year. Tragically, while competing in the first Route du Rhum in 1978, both boat and skipper were lost for reasons unknown.

Marie-Claude Fauroux (Aloa VII) was the first woman to finish the course coming 14th after nearly 33 days at sea, while her fellow colleague Anne Michailof racing PS was the last to cross the line, finishing just a few hours before the time limit of 60 days.

OSTAR 1972

SkipperYachtTypeLOAClassH/capElapsed TimeCorrectd TimeRankClass RankCorr RankNation
Colas, AlainPen Duick IVT70Mu20 13 1516 19 15111FRA
Terlain, Jean-YvesVendredi 13M128Mo21 05 1421 05 142124FRA
Vidal, Jean-MarieCap 33T53Mu24 05 4017 10 20322FRA
Cooke, BrianBritish SteelM59Mo24 19 2816 18 084215GBR
Follett, TomThree CheersT46Mu27 11 0419 17 04533USA
Pesty, GérardArchiteuthisT55Mu28 11 5519 21 35644FRA
Minter-Kemp, MartinStrongbowM65Mo28 12 4622 21 067328GBR
Gliksman, AlainToucanM34.5Mo28 12 5415 22 348412FRA
Faggioni, FrancoSagittarioM50.5Mo28 23 0519 07 259520ITA
Ferris, JimWhisperM53.5Mo29 11 1515 06 351069USA
Linski, MarcIsles du FrioulM48Mo30 02 4519 16 0511721FRA
Baranowski, KrzysztofPolonezM45Mo30 16 5517 09 3512817POL
McMullen, MikeBinkie IIM32Mo31 18 1010 13 301393GBR
Fauroux, Marie-ClaudeAloa VIIM35Mo32 22 5114 18 1114107FRA
Brazier, JockFlying AngelM46Mo33 09 2114 07 0115116GBR
Charpentier, JoelWild RocketM63Mo34 13 3827 06 18161230FRA
Olivaux, YvesAloa IM35Mo34 17 3016 12 50171313FRA
Piazzini, GuyCambronneM45.5Mo35 10 2420 15 04181422FRA
Chassin, PierreConcordeM43Mo36 01 1922 17 59191527FRA
Webb, BruceGazelleM47.5Mo36 02 0718 14 07201618GBR
Holtom, JohnLa Bamba of MerseaM34Mo36 04 3012 09 1021174GBR
Hornett, GuyBlue SmokeM26Mo36 21 2607 07 0622181GBR
Kirchner, Wolf-DietrichWhite DolphinM32Mo38 07 1716 14 37231914GER
McLeod, JockRon GlasM47Mo38 09 5015 19 30242011GBR
Clifford, RichardShamaalM25.5Mo38 10 3013 03 1025215GBR
Burn, R. LancyBlue GipsyM28Mo39 08 3009 08 3026222USA
Weld, PhilipTrumpeterT44Mu39 13 2531 15 352755USA
Hehner, ClausMexM35Mo40 08 2321 01 03282323GER
Fogar, AmbrogioSurpriseM38Mo41 04 4522 12 05292426ITA
Chilton, PatMary Kate of ArunM38Mo41 17 1718 17 17302519GBR
Sumner, EricFrancetteM25Mo43 09 3815 02 1831268GBR
Puchalski, ZbigniewMirandaM39Mo45 10 0526 10 05322729POL
Krieger, HeikoTinieM26.5Mo46 15 3017 01 10332816GER
Cartwright, JerryScuffler IIIM32.5Mo49 02 0021 21 20342925USA
Elliott, ChristopherLauricM34Mo51 14 33na3530GBR
Spedding, AndrewSummersongM28Mo51 23 0528 11 05363132GBR
Blagden, DavidWilling GriffinM19Mo52 11 0615 15 46373210GBR
Remiszewska, TeresaKomodorM42Mo57 03 1839 01 58383331POL
Richey, MikeJesterM26Mo58 08 1827 06 58393434GBR
Michailof, AnnePSM30.5Mo59 06 1236 10 52403533FRA
Konkolski, RichardNikeM22.5MoOTLCZE
Wills, MartinCasperM31MoOTLGBR
Crowther, PeterGolden VanityM38MoOTLGBR
Mascheroni, CarloChica BobaM41MoRetiredITA
Mitchell, HarryTuloaM33MoDamagedGBR
Howell, BillTahiti BillC43MuDamagedAUS
Miller, BobMersea PearlM43MoDismastedGBR
Dijkstra, GerardSecond LifeM71MoDismastedNED
Debra, OscarOlva IIM46.5MoDamagedBEL
Chichester, FrancisGipsy Moth VM57MoIllGBR
Sayle, MurrayLady of FleetC41MuDismastedAUS
Salmon, BobJusta ListangM25MoDismastedGBR
Riguidel, EugèneOnyxM43MoDamagedFRA
Barton, A.Bristol FashionM24.5MoDismastedGBR
Guzzetti, EdoardoNamar IVM32.5MoIllITA