OSTAR 1984

The French return

Ninety-one boats started in a strong south-easterly and the multihulls were quickly away, but within six hours the first was out – June Clarke (Batchelors Sweet Pea) pitchpoled and was rescued by lifeboat. In the early stages of the race it was two catamarans of Patrick Morvan (Jet Services) and Gilles Gahinet (33 Export) that dominated until they were forced to retire through damage to the hull and mast problems, respectively.

The competitors had been warned of large numbers of icebergs drifting further south than usual, but it was whales that caused more problems. Class IV winner Luis Tonizzo sighted several and sailed over one that lifted his boat out of the water “I was very lucky it didn’t touch the rudder otherwise it would have broken off”. Not so lucky was Henk van de Weg whose boat Tjisje sank and David Duncombe who retired after hitting whales.

But it was the capsizing of Philippe Jeantot (Credit Agricole) in the middle of the Atlantic that was the talk of the town posing a problem at the finish. Philippe Poupon (Fleury Michon) was first to finish in Newport in a record 16 days, 11 hours and 55 minutes (which was increased by 30 minutes for his start line penalty), but Yvon Fauconnier (Umupro Jardin) was declared the winner after standing-by Jeantot for 16 hours. His finish time of 16 days, 22 hours and 25 minutes were reduced by 16 hours to 16 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes. Philippe Poupon on hearing the news during the middle of his victory press conference, could not disguise his immense disappointment and broke down in tears. At the prize giving Fauconnier received the overall winner prize and Poupon was awarded a special Line Honours prize.

Two other boats, Alan Wynne Thomas (Jemima Nicholas) and Bertus Buys (Sea-Beryl), received time allowances for assisting other casualties.

The first 11 boats finished within 24 hours of each other and of the 10 only two skippers were not French and only the 10th placed boat was not a multihull. 13 skippers beat the record time of 17 days 23 hours set by Phil Weld in the previous race.

The French were back and the race was fast becoming a transatlantic multihull sprint.

OSTAR 1984

SkipperYachtTypeLOAClassH/capElapsed TimeCorrectd TimeRankClass RankCorr RankNation
Fauconnier, YvonUmupro Jardin VT53I16 06 2511FRA
Poupon, PhilippeFleury MichonT56I16 12 2522FRA
Pajot, MarcElf Aquitaine IIC59I16 12 4833FRA
Tabarly, EricPaul RicardT60I16 14 2144FRA
Phillips, PeterTravacrest SeawayT60I16 17 2355GBR
Gilard, DanielNantesT60I16 17 5166FRA
Moussy, OlivierRégion CentreT45II16 19 1671FRA
Peyron, BrunoL'AiglonC60I16 20 2187FRA
Boucher, FrançoisKer CadelacT50I16 21 4898FRA
Luhrs, WarrenThursday's ChildM60I16 22 27109USA
Levy, VincentKermarineT50I17 04 281110FRA
Martin, JohnMainstay VoortrekkerM60I17 22 021211RSA
Gliksman, DenisLessive St MarcT50I17 22 171312FRA
Petith, JackDestination St CroixT38III18 12 31141USA
Munduteguy, DidierCôte BasqueT45II18 13 34152FRA
le Cornec, YvesIdenekT42II18 13 49163FRA
Fournier, PhilippeGespacT40III19 07 50172SUI
Greene, WalterSebagoC45II19 10 38184USA
Austoni, EdoardoChica Boba IIIM60I19 10 411913ITA
Bullimore, TonyCity of BirminghamT40III19 22 35203GBR
Tonizzo, LuisCity of SlidelM35IV20 23 40211USA
Boye, JackCarteret SavingsM54I21 01 502214USA
Homewood, BillBritish Airways IIT31IV21 05 34232USA
Carpentier, PatriceCenetM45II21 06 02245FRA
Petit-Etienne, AlainRégion de PicardieC60I21 08 472515FRA
Granholm, KaiPatricia of FinlandM40III21 13 04264FIN
Bernardin, GuyBiscuits LuM44II21 18 35276FRA
Lush, TonySurvival Tech GroupM35IV22 02 39283USA
Ugarte, JoseOrion IruM45II22 15 53297ESP
Radford, IanNtombifutiM40III22 16 13305GBR
Bates, JimBig ShotM35IV22 18 09314USA
Veyron, AlainVingt sur VannesC35IV23 13 44325FRA
Dardel, OlivierAlcatelM37.5III24 13 10347FRA
Shaw, JohnMs PattyC40III24 14 53336GBR
van der Zee, WijtzeRoyal LeerdamM40III24 18 05358NED
Fehrenbach, BrunoDouche ChampionM35IV25 03 53366FRA
van Hagen, SimonBetelgeuzeM42II25 05 50378NED
Jukkema, HenkLDS SailerM33IV25 09 12387NED
Laird, ColinLa BaleineM44II25 15 29399TTO
Donnelly, TomLone EagleM36III26 06 46409USA
Thomas, Alan WynneJemima NicholasM40III26 18 214110GBR
Freeman, JerryAbacusM42II27 11 114210GBR
Perkes, AlanSherpa BillM36III27 11 504311GBR
White, DavidGladiatorM55I28 04 384416USA
O'Donoghue, BrianGamble GoldM33IV29 15 55458GBR
Smith, MacQuailoM44II29 23 104611USA
van Hest, HansOlle P2M38.5III30 04 104712NED
Langford, SpencerSummer SaltM38III30 12 434813USA
Butler, ChrisSwansea BayM27V30 14 48491GBR
Petrovsky, MichaelTimpaniM30V30 23 58502GBR
Ryan, DavidPhagawiM29V31 07 48513USA
Fournier, AlbertEl ToreroM30V31 08 25524USA
Scott, RobertLands EndM39.5III31 23 105314USA
Buys, BertusSea-BerylM35IV32 10 09549NED
van Donselaar, JanShamrockM30V32 15 20555NED
Armstrong, AlanMitsubishi ElectricM29.5V32 20 45566GBR
Howie, JohnFree BirdM31.5IV35 04 335710USA
Hircock, LloydMoustacheM29.5V35 15 57587CAN
Huges, DickGladysM34IV39 06 565911NED
Kurtev, VassilNordM25V40 16 38608BUL
Hubbard, TimothyJohan LloydeM32IV41 04 306112USA
Coffey, JackMeg of MuglinsM35IV41 16 306213IRL
Terschegget, Goosde VolhardingM41II41 20 206312NED
Hunt, JohnCrystal CatfishM31.5IV44 14 226414USA
Parker, DouglasRefugeeM27VRetiredUSA
Clarke, JuneBatchelors Sweet PeaT40IIICapsizedGBR
Peyron, LoïckLada PochC54IDismastedFRA
Loizeau, EricRoger & GalletT45IIDamagedFRA
McCoy, HughFuryC60IDamagedGBR
Brand, MoniqueAlliance KayproM44IIDismastedFRA
Veyron, ThomasRizla +T30VDismastedFRA
Smith, ChrisRace Against PovertyM30VDamagedGBR
Duncombe, DavidGo KartM29VDamagedGBR
Versluys, GustavTyfoon VIM44IIDamagedBEL
Vuylsteker, JacquesJeremi VM35IVDamagedFRA
Lengyel, BobProdigalM34IVDamagedUSA
de Jong, AndreLa PeligrosaM31IVDamagedNED
Hales, GeoffQuest for CharityC29VDamagedGBR
Jeantot, PhilippeCrédit AgricoleC60ICapsizedFRA
Morvan, PatrickJet ServicesC60IDamagedFRA
Arthaud, FlorenceBiotherm IIT60IDamagedFRA
Houlgrave, GeoffColt Cars GBT60IDismastedGBR
Wood, FrankMarsdenT45IIDismastedGBR
Horeau, MichelMarchés de FranceT50IDamagedFRA
Gahinet, Gilles33 ExportC60IDamagedFRA
Mansell, JohnDouble BrownC35IVDamagedNZL
van de Weg, HenkTjisjeM29.5VDamagedNED
Menzies, BobDancing DolphinM37IIIDamagedAUS
Peterzen, KarlKarpetzM31.5IVDamagedSWE
Wallace, BillNoviaM30VDismastedUSA
Hayward, RachelLoiwingM35IVAgroundGBR
Richey, MikeJesterM26VDamagedGBR