OSTAR 2000

Battle of the giants

While seven 60ft trimarans engaged in the 2000 Europe 1 New Man STAR, the more remarkable fleet was that of the Open 60s of which a phenomenal 24 were entered. The reason for this incredible growth was because many were using the event as both a shakedown and a qualifier for the Vendee Globe the following November.

In the end the race produced two surprise winners. First trimaran was Francis Joyon’s Eure et Loir. Joyon had been leading the 1996 race until it came to a premature end following the pitch pole of his trimaran. Come 1999, the burly French man had lost his sponsorship from Banque Populaire who had passed the reins over to Lalou Roucayrol and were building a new boat especially for the 2000 race.

Coming into the 2000 race, Joyon was the least favourite of the six trimarans to win, having just scraped together enough sponsorship to charter his old boat back. Pre-race he worked on his boat tied up to a mooring as the heavily sponsored, high profile boats with their full shore teams enjoyed the convenience of the marina. However, it was with some irony that Joyon went on to win the race, while once again the Banque Populaire trimaran experienced a capsize.

In the Open 60 fleet, picking a pre-race favourite was hard with a line-up including solo sailing heavy weights such as Thomas Coville, Michel Desjoyeaux, Yves Parlier, Mike Golding, Roland Jourdain and Dominique Wavre. Who would win? In the event it was none of them. Sailing a brand new boat in its maiden race, few were betting on a 23-year-old English girl. However, on day nine of the race Ellen MacArthur monitoring the weather like a hawk, spotted a lull ahead and by taking an unfavourable tack north neatly sidestepped it putting 75 miles on her competition that she would hold until the finish. This result was a defining moment in MacArthur’s career, the first occasion when the sailing world realised that she was not out there simply to take part, but despite her tender years she had the ability to win.

By coincidence both Joyon and MacArthur went on to take up single-handed record breaking, Joyon setting an extraordinary new record time for sailing solo non-stop around the world then eclipsed by MacArthur.

OSTAR 2000

SkipperYachtTypeLOAClassH/capElapsed TimeCorrectd TimeRankClass RankCorr RankNation
Joyon, FrancisEure et LoirT60I09 23 2111FRA
Guillemot, MarcBiscuits La TrinitaineT60I10 01 5922FRA
Cammas, FranckGroupamaT60I10 02 4033FRA
Gautier, AlainFonciaT60I10 08 3744FRA
Nelias, Jean-LucBelgacomT60I10 19 3555FRA
MacArthur, EllenKingfisherM60I14 23 0161GBR
Jourdain, RolandSill Beurre Le GallM60I15 13 3872FRA
Golding, MikeTeam Group 4M60I15 14 5083GBR
Dubois, ThierrySolidairesM60I15 15 3394FRA
Soldini, GiovanniFilaM60I16 04 10105ITA
Bourgnon, YvanBayer en FranceT60I16 06 21116FRA
Chabaud, CatherineWhirlpoolM60I16 10 19126FRA
Desjoyeaux, MichelPRBM60I16 15 51137FRA
Thiercelin, MarcActive WearM60I17 15 44148FRA
Wavre, DominiqueUnion Bancaire PrivéeM60I17 17 02159SUI
Cléris, HervéTenez Bon les EnfantsT50II18 00 54161FRA
Seeten, JoeNord Pas de CalaisM60I18 02 221710FRA
Escoffier, Franck-YvesDeleageT50II18 05 30182FRA
Richards, EmmaPindarM50II18 20 30191GBR
Gancia, AndreaNastro AzzuroM50II19 09 30202ITA
Thomson, AlexSailthatdream.comM50II19 12 32213GBR
Lecoeur, XavierGEBM60I19 13 032211FRA
Arthaud, Jean MarieBiotonicM45III20 17 57231FRA
Nollet, RonnyLa PromesseM40IV21 05 51241BEL
Munduteguy, DidierDDP 60e SudM60I21 07 182512FRA
de Gregorio, PasqualeWindM50II22 18 58264ITA
Levillain, DidierBagnoles de L'OrneC45III22 19 20271FRA
Yazikov, ViktorWind of ChangeM40IV23 03 55282RUS
van Breems, MartinMonheganM45III23 13 22292USA
Tellarini, FabrizioExciteM34V25 14 47301ITA
Hochedé , EtienneAriaM40IV26 19 37313FRA
Pajkowska, AsiaNtombifutiM40IV29 05 00324POL
Taylor, MarkOlympian ChallengerM50II30 00 48335GBR
Favre, PatrickAdrenalinesM60I31 05 193413FRA
MacDonald, StuartRed AlertM33V32 14 28352GBR
Crowther, PeterPredatorM36IV33 14 57365GBR
Peignon, JacquesJoshuaM40IV34 12 02376FRA
Vogel, HarryOptimaal LevenM33V34 23 15383NED
Elliot, RaySpirit of AmportM32V39 07 28394GBR
Parlier, YvesAquitaine InnovationsM60IDismastedFRA
Coville, ThomasSodebo Savourons la VieM60IDismastedFRA
Dumont, EricUn Univers de Services EurokaM60IDismastedFRA
Burgess, BruceHawaiian ExpressM60IRetiredUSA
Gunst, DirkTomidiM60IDamagedBEL
Tolkien, RichardThis TimeM60IDamagedGBR
Roucayrol, LalouBanque PopulaireT60ICapsizedFRA
Allen, CharlesTeam WoodbaseM50IIDamagedGBR
Rubright, PhillipShamwariM44IIIInjuredUSA
Credey, DavidM'PulseM44IIIDamagedFRA
Wheatley, MervynTamarindM42IIIDamagedGBR
Jensen, ErlingAmoureuseM44IIIAssistedDK
Dewez, JacquesBlue ShadowM39IVDamagedFRA
Thomas, Alan WynneSifo-JemimaM39IVDamagedGBR
Plas, HansRoaring FortyM40IVDamagedNED
Hobson, RossMollymawkT40IVDismastedGBR
Adriaans, PieterSyllogicM40IVDamagedNED
Bignon, JeanNew YorkerM40IVRetiredFRA
Perkins, DavidSuomi KuduM38IVRetiredGBR
Otton, JamesSpirit of Great LakesM40IVAssistedUSA
Jaheny, MichelChivas IIIM40IVDamagedFRA
Buys, BertusSea BerylM40IVCollisionNED
Mason, RayRedstarT40IVAssistedUSA
Manzoli, FrancoCotonellaM33VDamagedITA
Coad, BrianRaasay of MelfortM34VInjuredIRL
McHardy, DonaldFiery CrossT35VDamagedGBR
Westermann, RobertoRadiocuoreM35VRetiredITA
Baggaley, JasonAnaM30VCapsizedGBR
Fabre, PhilippeTrinitrineT30VDamagedFRA
Mortimer, RogerCouilles de ChienM34VDamagedGBR
Gardossi, ClaudioSenza ConfiniM35VDamagedITA
Tortolani, GianfrancoCittà di SalernoM30VAssistedITA