OSTAR 2005

Return of the Corinthian ethos

Following the decision by the Royal Western Yacht Club to split the OSTAR into two races, the ‘Corinthian’ race for yachts up to 50 ft was held in 2005 continuing the OSTAR name and traditions.

The return to the Corinthian spirit of the original singlehanded transatlantic race brought out an entry of 42 (32 monohulls and 10 multihulls). Many of the skippers were experienced OSTAR competitors back for more; including Peter Crowther sailing his seventh OSTAR, Bertus Buys on his fifth, and Franco Manzoli for his fourth trip. This race also saw the reintroduction of handicaps with the classes determined by IRC/MOCRA ratings with separate classes for Open 40 and 50 yachts.

34 yachts came to the start but a collision with Chivas 3 forced Jacques Dewez to retire Blue Shadow from his third OSTAR attempt. Hannah White made a good start in her Open 40 Spirit of Canada, setting a challenge to Lia Ditton and Anne Caseneuve for youngest finisher and first female honours. There was interest also in the seven strong Open 40 class – how would the new Class 40s perform against the unlimited 40s of the experienced Ronnie Nollet and Michel Kleinjans – and whether the North Atlantic weather would favour the smaller boats.

The light conditions favoured the smaller boats on the first day but the wind then increased on the nose and the first retirements soon came. Anne Caseneuve was leading the fleet when her dream of breaking the 50ft record was shattered by a fall which badly damaged her knee. Roger Langevin in the remaining Open 50 (Branec IV) became favourite, but Pierre Antoine in the 43ft Spirit and Franco Manzoli in his 40ft Cotonella would prove strong contenders for the multihull honours.

Over the next few days six of the Open 40s retired with a variety of failures leaving just Nico Budel to win the class. Hanna White’s retirement due to autopilot failure left Lia Ditton in the small 34ft tri Shockwave as the sole female competitor. Two storms later, when halfway across the Atlantic, damage forced Michel Jaheny (Chivas 3) to become the last of the 16 retirements from the 34 starters.

The race settled down as predicted with Branec just leading Spirit and Cotonella, and the 50ft Olympian Challenger well ahead of Atlantix Express and Hayai. At the finish Langevin and Antoine went south but Franco Manzoli held course to the north and passed the other two to take line honours. Olympian Challenger came fourth to be the first monohull finisher. Lia Ditton crossed the line in eleventh place to become the youngest female finisher. Mervyn Wheatley (Tamarind) led the Eira class, the only class not to have any retirements.

Quest II’s arrival in sixteenth place was greeted warmly. Gerry Hughes is profoundly deaf and overcame many problems to finish (including the loss of electrical power which restricted his ability to text his position).

Cees Groot completed the arrivals finishing just before the time limit some 41 days after he started.

OSTAR 2005

SkipperYachtTypeLOAClassH/capElapsed TimeCorrectd TimeRankClass RankCorr RankNation
Manzoli, FrancoCOTONELLAT40TC17 21 4129 14 16113ITA
Langevin, RogerBRANEC IVT50M18 06 07-- 21-FRA
Antoine, PierreSPIRITT43TC18 08 43 27 17 29 322FRA
White, SteveOLYMPIAN CHALLENGERM50GM20 05 24 23 07 11411GBR
Lepine, Yves ATLANTIX EXPRESSM45GM21 04 4027 18 52523CAN
Budel, NicoHAYAIM40PD21 18 17-- 61-NLD
Rubright, PhilipECHO ZULUM45GM23 22 50 26 13 29 732USA
Bart, LeonHOUD VAN HOUTT37TC25 16 45 27 07 36 831NLD
Regnier, LionelTROIS MILLE SABORDSM30J25 23 48 25 22 33 911FRA
Wheatley, MervynTAMARINDM42E26 02 48 23 07 06 1011GBR
Ditton, LiaSHOCKWAVET34TC27 09 1940 11 311144GBR
Keig, PeterZEALM38E27 11 31 25 07 09 1222GBR
Gratton, StephenAMELIE OF DARTM32E30 04 32 25 10 47 1333GBR
Hatton, RichardCHIMPM31E30 18 07 27 22 57 1444GBR
Swets, HuibVIJAYAM40GM32 05 04 34 00 22 1544NLD
Hughes, GerryQUEST IIM34E34 04 15 31 20 28 1655GBR
Heiney, PaulAYESHA OF ST MAWESM35E35 14 19 32 00 02 1766GBR
Cees, GrootREALITYM38J41 16 15 39 01 14 1822NLD
Jaheny, MichelCHIVAS IIIM43GMRetiredFRA
Carpentier, PatriceVM MATERIAUXM40PDRetiredFRA
Boosman, BartDE FRANSCHMANM30JDamagedNLD
Crowther, PeterSUOMI KUDUM38JDamagedGBR
Kleinjans, MichelROARING FORTYM40PDDamagedBEL
Adriaans, PieterROBOSAILM40PDDamagedNLD
Nollet, RonnyLA PROMESSEM40PDInjured BEL
Waldeck, TonyADRIENNE MAYM43JDamagedGBR
Giroire, EtienneUP MY SLEEVET40TCRetiredUSA
Buys, BertusSEA BERYLM40JDamagedNLD
van de Loosdrecht, Bram OCTAVUSM39GMDismastedNLD
Hobson, RossMOLLYMAWKT43TCDamagedGBR
Dewez, JacquesBLUE SHADOWM40GMDamagedFRA