Keel and Rudder Inspections

Following the announcement made by World Sailing, it is now mandatory for every competing yacht to have had a Keel and Rudder inspection, both internally and externally, for all races categorised as Cat 3 or above. For the RWYC 2022 season, those races are:

  • RB&I two handed and fully crewed
  • Original Lonely Rock Race

It is therefore necessary that each yacht entering one or more of these races will have had an inspection carried out by a ‘qualified person’ who will then provide any advice or recommendations based on their findings. During this process, both the ‘qualified person’ in writing their findings and the Royal Western Yacht Club in accepting the entry based on this certification will not be accepting responsibility for the yacht’s state of repair. That remains the owner’s responsibility to ensure the yacht is in a suitable state of repair to take on such races.

It is worth saying that the vast majority of entries would have little if any structural issues raised during this process as the vast majority of boats are very well prepared. However, whilst there will be a nominal cost to this, the added work involved in finding someone suitable to carry out the checks and the time for having the yacht available for this sort of inspection, it is a step in the direction of offshore safety and as such is one that the RWYC fully supports. If it stops just one yacht from having a serious issue offshore then it will have been worthwhile.

Please note, this is NOT an RWYC initiative but one that is driven by World Sailing with its scope covering all international offshore races specified as Cat 3 or above. The RYA and its affiliated clubs are aligning to this initiative, so please remember this when discussing any of these points with the club’s race management team. Ultimately, this new requirement should not come as a surprise to anyone as the announcement of its implementation was made over a year ago.

We will be posting NoR amendments where appropriate and a copy of the World Sailing inspection form (Appendix L of OSR2022) will be posted on the website in due course. In the meantime, please feel free to come back to us with any questions you may have as a result of this update

RWYC race management team.