Motor Boat Trips

On Thursday, 10th May, the first RWYC Monthly Motorboat outing of the year took place.  Artemis took a crew of 7 on a round trip from QAB in mainly sunny weather.

Once out of the sound and despite a little breeze, the sea was surprisingly choppy with 1.5 metre waves. Calm up the Yealm, we passed David Southwood’s Summerbird showing no signs of last year’s extreme exertions in the Atlantic, before returning west of the breakwater.

Passing through the Bridge and up the Tamar, we saw more MOD Police boats – three launches and two ribs – than RN ships, only Northumberland, Kent and Bulwark plus a submarine being in port. Notably this changed when we encountered the Royal Norwegian Navy’s “Steil”. One of six such boats 50 metres long and 275 tonnes weight, she’s a sinister looking vessel, with gas turbines to be capable of 60 knots on an air cushion. Armed with a gun and missiles, the carbon fibre construction makes her the equivalent of a stealth fighter – but only if AIS is switched off!  Makes Artemis’s fuel consumption seem paltry!

For lunch, we walked ashore in Mayflower Marina to eat at Jolly Jacks, returning alongside to conclude in QAB at 3pm. A thoroughly enjoyable day!