Next three monos arrive Lowestoft

Polished Manx, Surprise and Dreamcatcher have arrived at Lowestoft after a long struggle with the light winds over night and this morning. Quite a contrast with the strong winds the previous night!

On Polished Manx, Charlene said that she felt she had made friends with the wind farm last night. She had spent so much time looking at them that she she knew them individually and thought she might give them names.

Surprise had a rough trip and was then frustrated by being becalmed. Dreamcatcher too had a rough trip, knocked down with spreaders and sail under water.

Meanwhile in the Channel Cariberia and Hissy Fit continue to battle for the lead in very low winds. Hissy Fit caught up last night but since then they have been running or drifting within a few miles of each other.

Polished Manx, Surprise and Dreamcatcher come in the the marina.