For release Friday 11th November 2022

OSTAR, TWOSTAR and RB&I update.

Following the success of this year’s races, the Royal Western Yacht Club is very pleased to announce that the next editions for both courses will be in 2024.

The MailASail OSTAR and TWOSTAR races finally got away in May this year. Initially the race saw in excess of 20 entries, but the fleet was depleted due to issues in obtaining B1B2 visas to enter the finish port of Newport RI. Many of those who did not make the start line have un-finished business and are expected to be early entries for the next OSTAR and TWOSTAR races, which will start in MAY 2024.

 Race entry now open

 More news on a new addition to the OSTAR will be announced very soon.

The 2 Handed RB&I was a resounding success this year. Although running in parallel with the Oceanic races which started 2 weeks earlier, numbers were strong and the fleet enjoyed the new look of 3, 48 hour stop overs allowing for crew changes, repairs or even just for some fun and social interaction with other competitors. To make use of the momentum this race is seeing, the Royal Western Yacht Club is pleased to announce that it shall be running the race Biennially and will also go again in May 2024. The new stop overs in Galway hosted by the Galway Bay Sailing Club and Blyth hosted by the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club were a great addition to the regular stopover in Lerwick hosted once again by the Lerwick Boating Club, along with the teams from tourism and the harbour commissioners.

The new Fully Crewed RB&I race will run as before in a supporting role. This allows for more boats to enter the race as each boat are able to change up to 50% of the crew at each stop over. This allows for more people to take part without the issue of taking several weeks away for just one race. There are also opportunities for classes within the race provided enough entries allow.


Race entry now open


  • Boats from 27 and up to 60ft are invited to enter either of the 4 races on offer.
  • Qualifying miles can be gained by entering the RWYC Plymouth Fastnet 500 race in August 2023.
  • Further information on all these races can be found on
  • To register interest or reserve a space for the above races please e-mail