Racing Calendar 2021

Here at the RWYC we are looking forward to a busy sailing season, with something for everyone. Whilst our Saturday afternoon dinghy series is currently suspended due to Covid restrictions, look below at what is coming up this year:

1884 Series Yacht Racing: Wednesdays 14th April – 1st September

Falmouth Fowey Triangle: 1st – 3rd May

MailaSail Ostar/Twostar: 9th May

RC1000 Class Event 1 – 15th/16th May

Wolf Rock Race: Friday 21st May

RC1000 Class Event 2 – 12th/13th June

Plymouth Lonely Rock Race: 4th July

British Keelboat League – 14th/15th August

Autumn Series Yacht Racing: Sundays September 12th – 7th November

RC1000 Class Event 5 – 25th/26th September

Autumn Bash Yacht Regatta: 26th September

Final Fling Dinghy Regatta: 16th/17th October

Icicle Series Yacht Racing: Sundays 21st November – 19th December