RWYC Policy On Reintroducing Racing After Covid 19


RWYC is aware of the responsibilities imposed on it by the current pandemic and will not act in any way to promote or encourage anyone to take part in activities that break Government instructions or advice. The club will also follow the guidance issued by the RYA, which covers the many issues with returning to boating in general.

The steps to reintroduce racing:

  1. The relaxation of some of the lockdown rules has allowed some boat owners to once again go sailing – described as casual sailing. With social distancing rules still applying this, in reality, becomes a same household event, but is the start of returning to normality.
  2. Step 2 recognises that the urge to race seems to affect many people, even if they just go out for a cruise. It cannot be prevented, so the RYA suggest that until 4th July (at the earliest) sailors may indulge in self-organised racing. Whilst the club is not involved, we have various suggestions as to how this might work. Please get in contact if you are interested.
  3. Step 3 is likely to start in early July and is the first officially organised racing that the club will arrange. The RYA term this as Simple Club Racing. It is designed to meet the competitive requirements of the sailors while practising the disciplines of social distancing and keeping support personnel to a minimum. This may take the form of a shorter 1884 series, without the use of a committee boat, but perhaps using some form of gate start. We will also investigate the demand for some form of weekend racing.
  4. Step 4 is not even mentioned by the RYA but relates to getting back to racing without these restrictions. It is not possible to predict when this may be, but it seems unlikely to happen before 1st September 2020. This seems to accord with countries where there has been a ban on organised racing events.

We will continue to keep the Government and RYA guidelines under review but hope the above information will allow sailors to form a view of their sailing plans for the rest of the year.

Sailing Committee
31st May 2020