VPRS to replace Port Handicap

Get your local rating – quickly!

Following feedback from the Sailors’ Forum, RWYC has decided to adopt VPRS as a replacement for the Port Handicap. This will take effect from the 1884 series and will be used for the Triangle race. Those boats sailing under IRC ratings are not affected, but are encouraged to also seek a VPRS rating enabling them to be scored against all the boats in the fleet.

The procedure to obtain a VPRS rating….

“For individual rating requests, each competitor contacts Ruth Kelly direct at www.vprs.org (ruth@vprs.org) and pays Ruth a £20 fee prior to receiving their certificate.

Ruth will initially require the applicant’s contact email, with basic details of their boat (like name and type) and she will contact them directly to request further information.” If you have any current or past IRC/ORC certificate this would speed the process.

Anyone intending to enter the Plymouth Gin Spring Series run by the Plym YC (7th-28th April) receive a VPRS rating included in the £55 entrance fee.

Pete Wanstall has offered assistance to anyone needing assistance with registration. He can be contacted at seascape18@hotmail.co.uk.

Whilst the process should be pretty quick, you are advised to commence registration as soon as possible, as we will not be using the old Port Handicap at all in the future.